How to Clean and Polish a Brass Chandelier

A brass chandelier can really bring a rustic elegance to your home.In this article I will give some guidelines on how to clean a brass chandelier. Brass has been used in making chandeliers due to its long life, easy maintenance and classy looks.

Chandeliers are made of raw materials such as leather, brass, glass, metals and combinations thereof. Chandeliers transform the room into a more welcoming area with its warm glow. Glass and brass chandeliers are economical while being very attractive too. The glass reflects the light and the brass affords the comfortable shade with its burnished effect. However, all these attractive looks are possible only if we maintain the chandelier well by cleaning it regularly in the proper manner advised. As a regular maintenance method, dust the brass chandelier with a dry cloth. This will prevent the dust from settling on the brass carving and corroding the metal. However, if your chandelier is an old or an antique one you will need to do a more elaborate cleaning.

1.    For a slightly dirty chandelier, use a gentle liquid soap with warm water to clean the dust and grime. After that dry the chandelier completely with a dry cloth to remove the last droplet of water.

2.    Identify whether your chandelier is steel plated brass or pure brass with the help of a magnet. A magnet will get attracted if your chandelier is made of steel plated brass.  This is to determine the method of removing tarnish.

3.    To remove the tarnish on steel plated brass use steel wool and then you can get the chandelier re-plated or painted.

4.    If your chandelier is made of solid brass then get a brass cleaner from the nearest home care store and remove the tarnish and it will look as good as new. To extend its life give it a finishing coat of spray lacquer.

General cleaning tips on how to clean a brass chandelier:

1.    Use a soft linen cloth to remove dust from any chandelier regularly. This will give a face lift to your brass chandeliers without too much trouble. Prevention is better than cure is very apt not only for our health but to keep our chandeliers bright and shining too.  So, do not allow impurities and dust to cake up on your chandelier.

2.    For the light to be reflected well with clarity wipe down the bulbs gently with clean linen. All glasses will over the years form a mild yellowish coating which dulls the light. But this can be easily kept at bay by regular wipes of the bulbs.

3.    However make sure that you do not touch the bulbs with any kind of oils including body oils. This results in weakening of seals which makes the bulbs to burn out quickly shortening it life. You have to be extra careful with antique chandelier.

4.    The steps on how to clean a brass chandelier has to be followed with great care to lengthen the life of your chandelier. You can finish off with any variety of brass cleaners available in the market. After applying the finishing coat you can maintain this polish with a smooth wipe down once every month.